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The flower of strength

West Lake International Water Company General Office       Geng Shaoxiang

Speaking of this story also to recall to my primary school, primary school when my body is not good, the worst sports, standing long jump forever, lead can only do two do not move, and running is running only the second half can only finish finished top field, has been plagued by ridicule, then I am very distressed, very confused, but I have been unwilling.

On the basic after the university did not how to move until the work, the body is all the way to go fat, and gradually feel that I really need to exercise, then just read a documentary, the name does not remember, but the content is very deep, Talking about a North drift young man, and before the same as most young people, nine to five to work, get off work, home after eating junk food dangling smoke game, the body prematurely aging, has been in sub-health The state of his sudden illness fell, after the rehabilitation of his baby was born, and made his father he felt that life should not be so, before the sick experience more determined his exercise determination, so he began his Journey, he chose the most economical and most effective way of exercise, that is running, he gave up the car to get off work, every day to run to the company, the next class and then run home, a few months later found the skin changed, Of the fat slowly began to become muscle, all this more determined his determination, and later participated in the Beijing Marathon, the reporter interviewed him, he said he was not to run Award of honor or something, just because he ran the hearts of a flower, a flower of a power, flower related to their own lives, about the hope of life. Before this flower is just a seed, and now this seed is constantly rooting, in the growth, he said he would stick to it as has been running, has been running, carefully care of this flower so that it can bloom a bright day light, watching the documentary I for too long, very deep memories.

The story back to my own body, I think I was particularly like that person, the heart has been a force, in the wandering, but the need for some kind of catalyst to stimulate the power will instantly rise, it is an afternoon, colleagues invited I play basketball, in fact, I will not be rooted, but I also exercise the idea of playing with the body to play, the results do not understand the rhythm, a play will be fierce, rush moment of physical strength will not support, and feel a burst of muffled chest , The eyes of a black like to faint the rhythm of the past, I quickly stopped and drank a glass of water to sit down and rest, and I feel that they are good, just weak burst, and I thought, but also made up his mind, life is not It was like the young man in the documentary, and I felt the rising power of the moment in the moment, it had been waving at me, calling me over, and then I passed, and from that day I started running every day run, 3 km from 20 minutes to 60 minutes beginning 10 kilometers now, I insist on coming, I think I will stick to it.

People living in a foreign country will know that if you stay away from the motherland, away from their loved ones every day in addition to work outside the kind of physical and mental suffering is a kind of state, a person if not a good adjustment of their own state will slowly become taciturn, Will feel the pressure doubled, puzzled and hesitant, to Africa for many years this feeling from time to time will still haunt my heart, become untied heart knot, why the buddies in Africa like to drink, I think it is because of this, because alcohol can anesthesia forget yourself of where, what kind of mission who shoulder. When you are in a bad mood, when you and the family have a contradiction, you will feel very helpless, self-blame, this feeling, I think every person in the overseas CGC brothers have their own feelings , It will be a sad story, but I want to say is that people may be an instant insight, the moment relieved, because the hearts of the power of flowers has been there, has been waving to you.

Recently made a new friend, he was a professional basketball player, a tendon meat, the girl will see the kind of animal that he will train every day, I told him about my story, one to two we became friends, He was in the technical level to give me professional guidance, let me take the infinite, according to his guidance, every day step by step training, and now my body light, has been running for an hour is not a thing, once the fat is also a little bit Go down, the heart of the kind of strength is also constantly sprouting growth, I firmly believe that I will always run down, because the hearts of the power of flowers has been thriving, it wants to bloom, and my insistence is its light and heat.

The Flower of Strength - Second

West Lake International Water Company General Office Geng Shaoxiang

Some time ago, I bought a flower in the flower market, feeling a bit like heather, but the African flower I really do not understand, do not tangle her what name, tentatively called her little heather it.

This potted flower just bought back when the very fresh, green leaves Cuijin drops, pale yellow buds spit, full of life tension, very lovable, I carefully put her in the corner of my office , Because the office window is too small, the light is not very good, relatively dark, small heather basically do not see the sun every day, but also absorb the cigarettes I spit out the carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nicotine, a few days later, She did not work, the leaves began to turn yellow, buds did not bloom but began to wither, seeing the small heather gradually decadent, no longer alive, I have some heart coke, dark monk small heather may have to abandon me, but I still have heart Unwilling, I am determined to take care of her every day, try to let her survive this road.

At that time I was thinking that the office was too dark, no sunshine, small heather can not carry out photosynthesis, so without her consent I decided to move her to the balcony, every day to accept the sun's baptism, and the scorching sun in Africa Baked, moved out two days later I found the small heather did not improve, anxious sun baked small heather, but makes the small heather leaves more yellow, and seems to die like, then I give her every day to feed a lot Water, I was thinking is not more water, then I poured water every two days, every morning to move out of the sun, afternoon to move back. So after a period of time I found a small groan completely die, the leaves began to dry off, branches also began to change color from the previous green into brown coffee color, I want to give up some.

I thought this little thing so fragile, I racked my mind to keep you, you actually do not give face, I am some angry, do not want to control her again, I will abandon her on the balcony laissez-faire, Month time I have not ignored the small heather, this time is always cloudy, always rain, I guess the small heather may have been no longer in the world.

After about half a month, I suddenly remembered the small heather of the "body" is estimated to still pot inside, I have to go to pick up the flower pot can also come in handy, I went to the balcony intended for the small heather " Dead ", the door opened the moment I am a little surprised, small heather she did not die, rejuvenated leaves more delicate green, light yellow buds like to want to bloom like, who also exudes faint fragrance, but she Serious illness, the body is also mixed with some of the old leaves withered, seems to have experienced a serious illness and regain the meaning of new life.

I stay in place, the hearts of secretly thought this little heather's vitality of the tenacious can reach such a point, feel good guilty, I really do not know her, and in fact she does not need so strong sunshine, and so many Of the water, how much water should she pour every day or when the sun may be just my own wishes, but the small heather she may not accept, even she simply can not accept, but because of my ignorance and conceited Almost to her life Just as love, the marriage of each other as if you do not really understand your other half and just ignorant of their own thinking imposed on your other half, then he may not accept, and may even simply can not accept, over time There will be contradictions and rift, and these scars over time will let each other will be trapped by it.

Recently, a brother working in Africa told me that he quarreled with his wife, and was so fierce that he was very happy and very puzzled why it would be like this, and I advised him how to communicate with his wife, How to let his wife understand him, but also tell him how to make their own more understanding of their lover, know what she really want. In fact, many brothers who work in Africa are often faced with such problems, and how to adjust these things but not everyone will, from time to time I will hear someone else to "chew your tongue" said who who is divorced, who Out of the wall and so on, in fact, I do not want to listen to this story, but I think I understand these brothers.

And I think this is what I mean today, the meaning of this story, communication, understanding, mutual respect, and ultimately to understand each other, this is the basis of love forever, the cornerstone of marriage, real love and marriage with you How much money, and your long affectionate companions and not necessarily causal relationship, and some people every day to accompany his wife around love but still divorced a lot of people, some people suffer more than ten years, or even decades but still respect , The same people everywhere, some people are rich and lonely life are all alone, some people are poor as wash, but the marriage is solid rock, so the cornerstone of love and marriage can only be understood and respected, And the simplest truth is troubled by countless people countless years.

Liu Tao, who has been in the hegemony of the recent, we must be very fond of, I also like, but I like her not because of her acting more superb, more colorful table, but because she and Wang Ke's love story, I believe they Two stories can write a book, made into a play, Wang Ke fell from the pinnacle to the bottom, Liu Tao from the second-rate actor to become today's tyrants a sister, but two people are not separated, but the feelings become more solid, Sweet and warm, I think this is not no reason, their story I do not repeat, I just want to say that Liu Tao her acting can get such a result, a man I think it must be enough generous, because experienced a low tide, Liu Tao understand communication and understanding The meaning of where she chose to stick to it rather than give up, and it is Liu Tao's obsession and love saved Wang Ke also saved their dying marriage. This is the power of love, and the foundation of love is understanding and respect.

Do not understand and respect, you just think it is to do their own choice, then after all, there will be no good results, as small heather, like the previous I just do not understand her, I use my wishes to take care of her, She is not grateful, but to die, now I gradually understand her, and I know when the small heather sunshine, what kind of sunshine, when the need for water, how much water, and this process is Each other through a series of death to fight after the fight so that I really comprehend, now the small stone Nan live very well, very bright.

And I want love Ye Hao, life also want to rely on the quarrel, the Cold War that can not be resolved, only love is the only way, and the cornerstone of love only understanding and respect. Recently, the buds of the small heathers bloom, she smiled at me, and I was full of strength, it is a kind of love and understanding of the power of love.

Such as the night watchman

"Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.

I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.

I shall wear no crowns and win no glory.

I shall live and die at my post.

I am the sword in the darkness.

I am the watcher on the walls.

I am the fire that burns against the cold,

the light that brings the dawn,

the horn that wakes the sleepers,

the shield that guards the realms of men.

I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch,

for this night and all the nights to come."、