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Chairman of HEEE Zhou Liye and Her Delegation Visited CGCOC WATER

Date:2020-07-16     visitors:2774

OnJuly 10th, 2020, Zhou Liye, chairman of HEEEShou Yifeng, general manager ofHEEE, and Chen Lei, director of overseas department visitedCGCOC. Du Fengshan,general manager of CGCOC WATER, Yu Renzhi , vice generalmanager, Song Jianxin,vice chief engineer, Shangguan Shaochui, Admin. & HRdirector & Secretaryof the board and some other company management teamgave a warm reception to theguests.

At the meeting, DuFengshan introducedthe development history of CGCOC in Africa and thenemphatically introduced ourmain businesses of CGCOC WATER which included watersupply engineeringsewage engineeringrainwater engineeringO&M Managementand providing completesolution of water industry that included earlier designconsultation&supportproject implementation& maintenancewater industrysupplies trade and postproject operation. He also hoped the cooperation withHEEE on some projects likerecycling of organic waste treatment in Africancountries.

ZhouLiye indicated that HEEE and CGCOCWATER can bind organically for the twocompanies were in the same environmentalwater treatment chain. One side was inthe front of water supply and drainage.The other side was in the back oforganic waste treatment. HEEE was a leadingcompany specializing in biogas andbio-methane engineering, using anaerobictechnologies to treat high solidcontent organic waste and committed to supplyholistic solution on organicwaste treatment and recycling.

Atthe meeting, twocompanies reached a consensus that Ethiopia was in the risingstage of urbanizedprocess, which caused that various problems of organic wastetreatment had beenhighlighted. And two companies would have deep collaborationon the specificprojects.

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