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Ethiopian Bole lemi Phase II Industrial Park Project Owner Supervision Delegation Visited

Date:2017-08-01     visitors:3579

    July 31, the summer shining, the company ushered in the Ethiopian Bole lemi two industrial park project owners supervision delegation of nine people visit. Du Fengshan, general manager of the company, such as the leadership of the company received a warm reception.

    The main purpose of the mission is to look at the domestic materials and equipment suppliers, including steel structure, logistics center, the project as a whole power supply equipment and cables, water pipes and accessories, which is particularly important to visit the overseas Chinese companies to understand the overseas As the implementation of the industrial park project with the ability and technology.

    At the symposium, Du first warmly welcome the delegation to visit, and secondly, in detail the ten years of history of the development of Ethiopia in the mainland, the industrial park project as a group of important and important projects, we will make every effort to complete the project.

    Ato Girma and Ato Mesfin, respectively, for the owners of the power department director and supervisor resident, as the delegation of the delegation on the trip very satisfied, thanks to the overseas arrangements, to feel the advanced and consistent Chinese equipment Ethiopia development needs. I believe that in the future development process of Ethiopia, China and overseas will play an important role.

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